onsdag den 2. marts 2011

Wtf?! Lobe scalpelling?!

Holy fucking moly! Scal-what?
It is obiviously a way of stretching your ear even further (no no! not stretching? CUTTING!)
 if you want the hole to be bigger. God.. It is so groose. Irdk.

At this point.. You all can see that the tools don't look... nice.

Uhmmmh. And here we see a dude.. Get cutted ind the ear!

And now.. The plastic thing is getting stuffed in the ear. auch.

And doooneee. ew. I skipped some pictures
because there was lots of blood on them. But here is
the result of the scalpelling- something of the ear,
and I bet it's for someone who doesn't have patience
with stretching their ears. Mh.

That was all for now.. Just stumbled over it, and couldn't help myself.. Had to show you how.. eh, nasty it is.. Or, I think it's nasty.


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