onsdag den 2. marts 2011

All the things she said, runnin' trough my head..

So, I'm sick today. I've had some normal hours in school, but when I got home, I got the worst headach ever!
I'm actually just waiting for dinner.. I hope it'll come soon. I'm so hungry!
Anyway, I was reading some blogs, and I saw this girl.. She was "blogging" over Youtube, where she wrote some cards with all her secrets. Omfg - there was lots of stuff, like her being pregnant, being bullied in school etc.
I was thinking... Why post yourself like that way, in public? Sure I understand, she is having a rough time.. ( or have always had?)
1: She is hurting the boy she is pregnant with!
2: She should talk with some other people instead of showing her problems to everyone on the internet.
3: The people who see it, and know her, should advice her to get some help. Proffessionel help!
4: I should really not care about it. I don't know her. But after seeing her blogs.. Well.

Mmh. I just ate. It was delicious! Oh, and I stumbled over t.A.t.U's song: "all the things she said" uh.. I love that song!
I'm heading of to bath.


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