søndag den 14. november 2010

Oh, Aphrodite!

So, I'm going to put som pictures up. Or, it is actually paintings. They are so pretty. I love greek mythology. So many fantastic histories with fabel animals etc. Anyway, I'll put some up!


The first picture we see is Aphrodite. So glorious and pretty. She is elegant and sexy. She is the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.

Aphrodite had many lovers, but Zeus chose that she had to marry Hefaistos so there wouldn't be trouble between the gods. 
She was unhappy, and had many lovers, but chose Ares the god of war. They had a romance at first, but she got caught in her own bed, and Hefaistos wanted a divorce.
Aphrodite stayed with Ares. And afterwards they got a son, who also is a god, and he took over the duty as a god of love beauty and sexuality.

There will be some pictures of Ares and Aphorodite downunder.


This picture looks more old than the others. You can see Aphrodite and Ares with their son Eros. As you also see, the painter tryid to make Eros look like a angel, more than a boy. He is actually a angel-like boy.

The picture is very idyllic. As you see Aphrodite have more curves and Ares don't look so big and especially don't look like a god of war!

 Haha, I've tryid to find some drawings and paintings of him. And I've found a lot, but I couldn't find some good of him with Aphrodite by his side. Only this one..

In this picture Ares also have wings. Aphrodite is pointing something out for Eros. And the picture is old, but still looks classic. I wouldn't be a picture I'll put up on the wall.
It's also idyllic and Aphrodite is smiling. Why wouldn't she? I love that her body in this picture isn't slim. I mean, not too slim. But cuuurvy. Love that word too! If you haven't noticed - Eros is amor. As I said, he took over his moms "job". That explain the cupidsticks.

I adore this picture! Look at them! The woman is sadly not Aphrodite, but she is still pretty and lovely curve. The cute angel-like boy is off course Eros, trying to stick this girl, with the cupids? Haha, it's just a lovely picture. She is smiling at him again. And he just want to stick her. Why, I do wonder.
I'm also thinking Aphrodite must be proud of him. Her son, being Amor? How cool is that. A little angel flying around. Making people love each other. That is just fantastic!
The "clothes" she haves on seems like a gown? She would probably wear it, if it was, maybe a gown she took of.. Mhm.
I love that in the pictures they are always halfnaked. It seems more real when they are. Not like in some Kristian pictures, they are all dressed up and covered! No, show some skin! The picture illustrate a girl trying not to get hit by his cupids. She is pushing him away. Like she don't want to be loved. Or actually in love.. Mhm.

That was it for now. I'll find something about Egypt some day.