søndag den 10. oktober 2010


Oh God. Wild party yesterday!
And so.. awkward. Me and my girlfriend were at this party, or actually, it was a "silverweeding", the fooks have been married in 25 years. So there was some hot guys and then just family and friends. Anyway. I got drunk. Like.. Very drunk. And so did my girlfriend. We had so much fun!

She was trying to get together with this dude she had slept with in Marts. So, I got bored and got outside to lie an watch stars. They were pretty clear that night.

Then I took my phone and dialed my friends number, Red's number. I don't really know why I did it. I guess I was... Horny? I don't know. Really.
Anyway! I called him and asked him over, and he said yes. And I was happy. Because he's such a cute guy. Not a player. But his weakness is girls, sadly. I didn't know it was so bad until we ended up in my "room" with my girlfriend on the bed and me on the floor.
Off course we knew what was going to happend. I've had sex with him before, but still he always surprised me! In many ways! So, dominant.

Oh well, we had sex. Loud sex, so my brother and my small sisters heard it. Oh my God!
When we were done my friend whined and said she wanted sex too, cause she missed her chance with that other guy. Then Red, talked with her and started to cuddle her leg. And I thought, "Fuck no! Is he going to fuck my best friend now?" And then he asked, "Is it okay if I lay with her?"
Then I thought, that if I say no, I'll seem like a jealous type, and we weren't even together like in a relationship! So I just said, "Sure." With an optimistic voice.

When he got up there, they started to kiss, and I felt my heart crack. But, I said to myself that he wasn't mine. He is his own man. My girlfriend started to say no, and didn't wanted to have sex with him. And after the big scenarie, he still had a boner on, because she didn't want to have sex with him. And then, he fucking got down beside ME! Like I would satisfy him after he'd been with me once, and then tryid with my girlfriend. Ew.
I got up, and went to the bathroom, when I got back, he was heading out of the door. Ew. Ew. EW! He is one of my best friends. But that he did that night, was just. Ew. Too much?

I heading of to bath now. Feel groose, and i've puked this morning. More ew! Haha, and I got a train to catch. Oh, and I have hangover.


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