torsdag den 7. oktober 2010



I’m so God damn happy! I’m in touch with my “old” best girlfriend. We had a fight after our vacation in France. Qui qui!
 I thought she was too.. Hmm. Well, too touchy. Too sensitive. I couldn’t even joke with her, without her crying most of the day. And then I moved over to this school, and we haven't talked in two months! That is a long time, because we have been used to talk with each other, every single day!
And now we are talking again. Off course it was ME, that had to write her. It's so typical. Always me. But, enough about that. I'm glad.
We are trying to find a day to see and catch up. There will be a party at my place, so I've invited her to get wasted with me. Uh! Looking forward to.
 My weekend with Fish was lovely. We made food, smoked, had fun and just chilled. We didn't fight that seriously. But after that weekend, we haven't seen much to each other. But we have been together. And we still want to share the same room. God, I hope she can endure me. And that I can endure her. Jeez.
 I miss to read The Twilight-saga. Would it be stupid to read the book again? For the 6'th time. God, that sounds crazy. I really need to read some other books.

Anyway. I'll get to class now.
I'll write later!

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