tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

i hate being jealous.

So. As the title says: I hate being jealous. And the reason why I am, is because of this ex. This particular ex-girlfriend, is really.. really getting on my nerves. I'm not used to people hating me - annoyed yes, but not hating me. She says she doesn't hate me - anymore. That's fine, but while she doesn't hate me, she disgust me etc. And she talks bad about me to my friend and even my sister, which I really regret I introduced her to! It breaks my heart knowing that my sister sees her behind my back. Off course I knew it - but she didn't have to tell. I get jealous. Because she is my sister, and knowing they are having a good time etc, while I'm not there feels so wrong... For me, at least. I just... Don't really know what to write. I've changed since her, I really have.

She annoys me, when she think she is, oh so fabulous, cause she isn't! She is angry with me cause I wouldn't pleasure her in bed - and it was only because I didn't find her attracted - only her personality. She just won't get her ego damaged or hurt. I might sound like a lousy girlfriend, but she was to.. to sticky and I couldn't breathe. No air. No fighting back. Only what I wanted. That is not what I need in a relationship. She got hurt. And I can't take it back. Sometimes life just suck. We weren't good for each other, thats just the way it is.

I'll try to get used to my sister seeing her - but I'll probable still be jealous. Jealously is a bad thing, Elizabeth..

I love this quote: "Have I ever told you I love you? - D"
It's from a very romantic movie with Demi Moore.
Mmhm. I'm tired now. The sun is rising slowly and the birds are singing a bit. I better go to sleep, or I'll never get up again.


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