fredag den 29. juli 2011

and I'm feeling good.

Birds flying high.. You know how I feel. Sun in the sky - you know how I feel.I'm feeling good. ta da... ta da. da dam dam dam dam dam dammm.

I'm finally home now. I've been traveling around. Seen some Sex And The City. And God, I loved it. I really love and adore Samantha Jones. So.. Rough, but yet so vulnerable and sensitive at the same time. She is like an egg. Hard on the outside and soft in the inside. I love her personality. She is outgoing and very confident. Not to mention her honesty! Haha, and I love that part where she is showing her bush to Carrie, cause she'd colored it a wrong color - red.
She have done many funny and stupid things. She's not a monogamist (yet) and she is so free - when Carrie (or is it Charlotte that calls her?) She just says: "I told you, I was gonna masturbate ALL day." She thought she have lost her orgasm - period!

Me, myself - are like.. a mix of them. I'm 70% Samantha and 30% Charlotte. And wait - it's not because I'm pushy and suffering from cleaning frenzy! It's because Charlotte is so sweet. Caring. And tremendously sensitive - as I can be. Sometimes. But mostly, when I'm with people I really trust!

My life is good right now. Waiting for school to start. I'm looking forward to, and I hope I'll make it! Of course I can. It's me?
I'm also looking for an apartment - need to get out of this nut-house and get closer to the city and not to mention the train-station and my friends!I hope it will work out.

Oh, anyway, I was reading this book last night - about spirits and aura's, uh and other crazy stuff. I got really scared and was happy, that I wasn't born as a medium! I don't get how medium's can stand spirits seeking them all the time, well maybe not all the time - but it takes lots of energy to close them out from theirs center/head. It is embarrassing to admit but I had so much paranoia that I didn't want to walk out and pee. I was alone in the house, and it was like a half storm outside. Yddrk. Luckily I was in a big bed with many pillows and many duvets, so I guess I was fine after some hours in my sleep. Oh God, this is SO random. Ha.

I'll use some time with the new dog and my family now. Hope the weather will get clearer. Kiss


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