fredag den 5. november 2010

Idoooools and freaky things!

So, this is going to be about a lot of things. I haven't put many pictures up, so now I'm going to put pictures up, from some of my idols and some other weird things I've found. Enjoy!

Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen is my idol. I think she is a beautiful woman, and who is not afraid of showing her perfect body to anyone!

She has been trough a lot of thinks; during drugs, been an alkoholic and been beaten by some of her ex-men. Now, she is trying to get thinner and be the "old" her. The beautiful Brigitte. She is still beautiful and I love that she fights back when she is kinda going down - well, she have been down, but are on her way up!


 This is not a surprise. I'm aquarius. And I love the way it have been painted on her body. You know that the water that runs out is water of wisdom right? That says a lot about me. When people in my country hear "aquarius" they think of jellyfish. You know, the ones you throw with at the beach? Not the red ones. They burn!

My sign do mean a lot to me. Cause it do say a lot about me. I can sometime be cold and seem like I don't care, when I really do care! And I am very sensitive too. Not many people know it, but I can cry. And I worry a lot about alle of my closest friends. Exspecially my sisters and brothers! Even though I don't show them, that I love then often, I really do. I love to fight with my brother ( we can call him lion), and I love to sleep tight with the youngest, who we can call princess. Just to feel her warmth, and that she feels safe, means the whole world to me. I miss them. I wished I could see them more often, just to let them know that I do really care about them, more than they think.

I really, really love body art! And mostly piercings. Tattoos are great too.
 I took this picture because the woman has an stunning body! So slim and thin. It looks kinda kinky, but in some way she is extremely hot. I love the way her body curves in a beautiful angle, that makes her look much thinniere. I'm not into thin girl at all. But if I met her, I would probable give it a try! 

 I love legs! Especially theese. The shoes looks great too, and I love that the woman have a bit curvy thighs, and that I can't see her bones! Cause that is just to groose, when a girl is so thin that you can see them. Ew.
I also love this picture because she looks so slender, but stil curvy. That's a good thing.
Haha, it's also like she's seeing a mouse or something, and then pulling her leg up to her stormach.

 I have no words for these to next pictures. They are so weird! But I like them. They are not normal and it is some beatiful bodies there are used in the shoes.

It is also some weird shoes, when you look closely, they are classic or for party. my favorite must be the colourful high heels, with the women with the ribs. Funky colours!

And I know I said, I didn't want skinny girl in any ways. I dont't even think her body is real. Would anyone say yes to pose in a shoe? Naked? Haha, without a head! I also like the picture,
because you can see her whole body.
The other "shogirls" have several legs
 and missing a lot of important things. They don't look human! I love the brown shoes, they look very classy. Yum!

This picture I stumbled over. Though, I do agree with the person who wrote that. High heels of class'kinda'ting, do really look trashy and saying "come and fuck me - and my shoes!" They don't look good? They are very groose actually. To trashy and cheap to look at. Can the girl even walk in those? I know that some do wear higher heels - but come on! Look at them, they are not even made of glass (luckily), maybe plastic. I can't come over them. They are too, no. It's like she's dreaming of being the other version of Cinderella. Maybe more The Whore Cinderella. - Mh. My humor is bad I know it. Haha, I just think I'll stick to my own middel high heels. I don't need heels, I'm 176 cm. So if i take higher heels on, I'm huuuge.

That was it from now.

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